• Jeffry Parra  -  San Francisco Giants
  • francisco  soriano - western oklahoma state
  • jason salva - St. Thomas Aquinas
  • jp vail - virginia commonwealth university
  • john budesa - iona 
  • matt deblasio -  oswego
  • j. burgos - oneonta
  • danny wirchansky - pace university
  • b. martinez - rockland cc
  • Jared Edwards - College of new rochelle
  • alex henriquez - rockland cc
  • felix urena - rockland cc
  • gelse mercedes - Asa college
  • Jayson wright - dominican college
  • ruben roman - fdu
  • dean slavin - eastern connecticut state
  • christian cabrera - cauldwell university
  • james bilcik - alfred state

Kings Baseball Academy

Kings Baseball Academy was established with the goal of providing young athletes with quality training regardless of age. We believe a strong work ethic will render results both on and off the field. Our philosophy is to train the athlete at the highest level and learn from the process by introducing them to the mind set of success comes with many failures. Once the athlete has accepted that this is a game of failure, learning the game will become much easier. We stress the mental approach to this game with every practice and build upon the small accomplishments to get the athlete to the next level. 

We are driven off player success and the goal to help prepare and transition our athletes to the next level of their baseball careers.  Kings Baseball Academy has a unique support system in place, providing athletes with off-field assistance including classroom aid, mentoring, and college placement.  

Kings Baseball Academy teaches all our athletes to conduct themselves in a professional manner both on or off the field. We take pride in the training we provide to achieve a level of readiness not seen in other ball players of the same age. We have a consistent approach to develop the young ball player and we are constantly placing them in situations to get the best out of them. Our training is simple but effective, if you want to be a pro then you have to train like you're at the door knocking and work just as hard or harder than pro players.



Jose Reyes - President


Rob Cruz - Director of Operations, coach


Allan o'neal - director of teams, coach 15u


Brian Aviles - Pitching coach


yovanny contreras- trainer, coach 18u


Jp vail - hitting instructor, coach